About Us

The Indian Textile Industry has always been a huge source of opportunities and challenges.

A revolution in the industry is what we dream of and are striving to bring one.

A Kult in the fashion and it’s respective industry is what we are aiming for.

It is the consciousness of the uniqueness that makes us loud in unison and yet appreciated as an individual.

So does our message, a revolution, a ‘Kult’ brought in; as raised voices are harnessed by undesired people, whereas a raised opinion on fabric is considered classic.

Kultinc presents designs for the audience in T-Shirts promised to have an individuality. The designs of these T-Shirts are going to provoke you to rethink and question your own social belief, containing – dark humour and out of the box graphics, one-liners, quotes, and dialogues.

About Fabric:
• Cotton fabric with rubber print.
• Standard size units available in the range: S, M, L, and XL.
About Packaging:
Biodegradable and classic old school packaging.
About Delivery:
Customers receive a call confirming the respective’s order and address.

“We don’t always get to voice our opinion, thus we wear them.”