How to Make your Old Clothes Fashionable with Fabric Colour Painting?

Do you know how I make my old clothes fashionable and trendy with Fabric Colour Painting? Read the entire article and know how you can make your old clothes stylish and funky.

Art and Fashion have forever entwined. The inability to go out and buy new apparels during an outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 is paving way for many creative ideas.

So, I decided to paint my old Blue Denim Jeans and Black T-shirt which are almost faded and also out of the trend. 

Fabric painting is a great way to add new life and light to plain old clothes or any dull fabric material.

I hope you enjoy my take on Fabric Colour Painting on T-shirt and Jeans.

Supplies I used for Fabric Colour Painting:

  • Old clothes from my wardrobe. 
  • Fabric paint (Camel fabrics acrylic colours).
  • Synthetic brushes; (Round(No. 2 & 0) and Flat(No. 6).

I took my old blue denim. Its light colour gave me an idea to use bright and pretty colours. So I thought to paint cartoon characters from the American TV Show “Simpsons”.

Fabric Colour Painting on jeans for kultinc blog

Simpsons are funny, cute and also feels like MOOD, plus they are my personal favourite. With my paint I made it look funky & aesthetic which is trendy these days, isn’t it?

For the second piece of clothing, I chose an old basic black t-shirt. With a black background at hand, it was easy to decide what would go on it. Black is constant love.

Black T-shirt vintage illusion face of a girl by Fabric Colour Painting for kultinc blog

I used my acrylic green paint as a base and painted a vintage illusion face of a girl. As I began with my work soon I could see a great texture revealing, that was a surreal rush to me.  

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Here are Some Outfits of DIY Fabric Painting on Clothes:

Now to pair up with my new painted jeans I picked one of my favourite yellow hoodie along with white converse shoe, grey sling bag and some accessories.  

Fabric Colour Painting on jeans for kultinc blog

I loved how the yellow colour of hoodie went with the Simpsons characters.

Now if I talk about summer look I would switch it with a pink crop top, black old school Vans and a black sling bag. Plus the Watch works great with this attire.

Fabric Colour Paintingon jeans for kultinc blog

You can try switching the bag with a backpack for a casual college outfit. 

Coming onto my painted tee I paired it with a boyfriend fit ripped jeans, with my favourite white Converse and yes the black sling bag too.

Fabric Colour Painting on t-shirt for kultinc blog

For a top-notch appearance and a bit crazed look, you can add some ear loops like the girl on the T-shirt.

Now, you might have a question in your mind.

Will Fabric Colour Painting wash out of clothes?

  • And the answer is No, it won’t instead colours would pop up better than before. Some fabric paint is water-soluble, but most of it is not. Read the details on the tube before using. Also, avoid ironing it.

It’s a great opportunity to get creative in this lockdown with your old clothes and some pretty colours, plus there are so many ideas with fabric painting such as this one, which can lead to pretty funky and aesthetic fashion wear.

I hope you get the proper idea of Fabric Colour Painting. Try to make it in your own old clothes and get a fashionable and trendy look. If you have anything to ask about Fabric Colour, Paint Brush, leave your queries in the comment down below and you can also DM me on Instagram.

Hope you guys liked this article. Make sure you leave your review in the comment section below and do share with your friends. Hugs and positive vibes to everybody.

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